Your Guide to First-Class Manicures From JASK

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A manicure is an affordable luxury that can significantly improve your look. Whether you’re new to the experience, or just looking for some inspiration for your next visit, here’s everything you need to know:

Types of Manicures

Although your manicure may be completely customized to match your taste, the following are the most popular options:


A simple manicure begins by softening your cuticles with a lotion (or oil) and bathing your hands for around 5 minutes in warm water. Your manicurist will consult with you to determine the form, length and colour of your nails. She will then trim and file them into the appropriate shape, be it square, round, in between or pointy (also called stiletto). She will then massage your hands and de-cuticle them. Healthy cuticles will improve the final appearance. Finally, she will apply a base coat to your nails, one or two coats of the coloured polish of your choice, and a clear topcoat. The manicurist will often then lead you to the nail dryer to dry the lacquer.

French and American

A French manicure is a timeless, elegant appearance which works for almost every occasion. The nail is painted in a transparent, light pink, or neutral hue with a white tip. American manicures are comparable to French manicures, except the tips are rounded and painted a neutral or off-white hue for a more inconspicuous appearance.Everything You Need to Know About Manicure

Nail Art

Some people opt to enhance their manicures with airbrushing, stickers, three-dimensional decorations such as small bows or flowers, or rhinestones and diamonds. These decorations can be applied to one or all of your fingers. This design has exploded in popularity in recent years, and the possibilities for creating your own style are limitless.

Gel Polish

Gel polish mixes monomer liquid and polymer powder to form a hard resin when cured under UV light. It’s more durable and less prone to chipping than normal polish. Gel paint can stretch beyond the length of your natural nail, providing you the length you need without the expenditure of synthetic nails. Remove the gel polish and immerse your fingers in acetone until the polish dissolves.


A manicurist’s instruments are critical. She will typically require a cuticle softening lotion, a stick to push the cuticle back, and a knife or scissors for the cuticles. She will also carry nail cutters, a file, cotton balls, towels, polish remover, and the previously mentioned lotions and polishes. Be sure your artist is licensed and that she sanitizes her instruments properly.

Choose JASK Salon & Day Spa

Among the numerous benefits of our treatments are improving nail health and development, creating smooth and delicate skin, and reducing the likelihood of fungal growth and infection. Because you’re always walking, standing, typing and lifting, your feet and hands are the locations of the greatest stress on your body. This causes unwanted strain on your muscles and the accumulation of dirt and germs on your nails. Polishing your hands and feet with a manicure or a pedicure cleans your hands and feet while raising your energy levels, alleviating discomfort, and restoring the luster to attractive feet, hands and nails.

Don’t put it off. Visit JASK Salon & Day Spa online for more information on our first-class manicures, or call us in Stittsville at (613) 599-5275 today.