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What Is a Facial Treatment?

A facial treatment is a soothing cleaning procedure which exfoliates, moisturizes and nourishes the skin, and is conducted by a qualified esthetician. Facials are a mild, soothing treatment that is suitable for most skin types. For optimal results, each facial treatment is tailored to the specific demands of the client’s skin. Studies indicate that frequent facials add to younger, cleaner, moisturized and balanced skin appearance.

Steps in a Facial Treatment

Almost all facial treatments begin with the esthetician examining the client’s skin with a magnifying mirror. The esthetician determines skin type by analyzing pores, skin texture, sensitivity and damage. This information is used to choose appropriate treatment forms. The pores are then opened with mild steam. After steaming the face, a chemical exfoliator is applied and rubbed into the skin. The exfoliant eliminates dead skin cells and promotes skin rejuvenation.

After this, warm cloths are used to remove the exfoliant in a gentle manner. If a customer has blackheads or whiteheads, extractions can be done with caution. It’s possible to apply a mask with additional moisturizing or exfoliating substances. The treatment concludes with a little face massage and application of products. A skilled esthetician provides the customer with product suggestions plus skincare guidance before the client’s departure.

The Short-Term and Long-Term Benefits of Facial Treatments

Monthly facial treatments improve the appearance of one’s skin, particularly when done regularly. During and after a facial treatment, the short-term advantages are readily apparent. Upon completion of the treatment, the face feels fully fresh and clean – the skin feels softer and more moisturized, and the client feels calm. Following therapy, acne outbreaks may diminish or vanish gradually. For mature skin, the skin may feel plumper. On teenage and young adult skin, acne may be greatly decreased. Facial treatments can help soothe irritated skin, particularly during the winter months.

Facial Treatments: Part of an Anti-Aging Regimen

Facial Treatments in Barrhaven | JASK Salon Day SpaFacials are an important component of any anti-aging routine. These anti-aging facials follow the same techniques as standard facials, but the different substances used target problem areas associated with aging skin. 

The skin generates less collagen and elastin as a person ages. This loss is accountable for the skin’s looser and thinner look. Facial anti-aging therapy may comprise chemical exfoliation and other collagen-producing methods; these function by removing a thin layer of skin cells to stimulate the creation of new ones. As the body matures, the rate at which new cells reach the surface slows. Some approaches induce superficial micro-wounds, which encourage collagen production. The therapy is more effective when used with Photofacial IPL or microdermabrasion.

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