Day Spas Provide Physical and Mental Benefits

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How a Day Spa Can Help Your Mental Health

Modern living includes meeting deadlines, working from home, homeschooling, and dealing with information overload from many social networking sites (not to mention keeping your house clean, cooking, remembering to wash, and attempting to maintain a social life). Your present way of life is most likely overwhelming you with pressures that affect your physical and mental health.

This manifests as difficulties such as inability to focus, inability to sleep, and feelings of anxiety and depression. If left untreated, these mental health concerns will overwhelm you by presenting themselves in more physical ways such as muscular discomfort and inflammation, heart disease, and other chronic health difficulties.

A day at the spa is not just a luxury treatment for the wealthy and famous. People are becoming more aware of the need for resetting your body and mind, which contemporary spa treatments give. Spa treatment gives you a fun approach to removing built-up tension from your body while reaping the advantages of relaxation as part of your healthy lifestyle.

What Is Spa Therapy?

Spa treatment was originally a water-based therapy intended for the aristocracy in ancient Rome to provide bodily and spiritual recovery. Modern spa therapy comprises water-based therapies and several forms of massage therapy such as Thai, deep tissue, stone massage, facials, body treatments and other services.

A spa’s objective remains the same: to offer a place to relax your body and mind. Spa treatment promotes physical, mental and spiritual healing – essential for leading a healthy lifestyle and living a long life.

Physical Benefits

Going to a spa has both physical and emotional health advantages. In a spa, you can get massage therapy and hydrotherapy as well as facials and manicures. You can also get body wraps, aromatherapy and body scrubs. Meditation, yoga, and Pilates are also available at many spas. Each of these therapeutic choices assists your body in relaxing and releasing built-up stress and tension. Spa treatment also increases circulation, decreases inflammation and boosts your body’s immunological response.

Mental/Emotional Benefits

Going to a spa to unwind and be pampered can also boost your self-esteem and mental clarity. 

A day at the spa is beneficial to one’s health and lifespan in various ways. A day of leisure and self-reflection can also benefit your mental health. Spa treatment helps you overcome the everyday tensions that are a part of life and keep anxiety and despair at bay. The following are 5 ways spa treatments enhance your mental health:

Combats Depression

Spas provide a variety of therapies including massage therapy, aromatherapy and meditation, all of which may relieve depression symptoms. Massage treatment has been shown to reduce cortisol levels by up to 50%. Massage also stimulates the creation of serotonin and dopamine in the body. Both are neurotransmitters which help stabilize mood and give a natural “feel good” boost. Massage treatment also helps with physical symptoms of depression such as joint pain and muscular stiffness. When combined with a massage treatment, therapeutic baths or using essential oils in a diffuser, aromatherapy can also help ease depressive symptoms. Essential oils that are good for you include ylang-ylang, clary sage, sandalwood and bergamot.

As part of the spa experience, meditation promotes mindfulness in the present moment. This helps those suffering from depression not linger on the past. Meditation also enhances left frontal brain activity which boosts sensations of happiness.

Boosts Confidence

In terms of reaching optimum health, self-esteem functions as a motivator. Your degree of self-esteem can influence whether or not you take care of yourself and reach your maximum potential in life. People with low self-esteem are less likely to believe they are worthy of great results and are less resilient to hardship.

Spa treatment can help boost self-esteem. A massage helps you concentrate more positively on your body. The mood boost produced by dopamine and serotonin increases works as a motivator to care for your body in other ways such as exercising more and developing good eating habits.

Promotes Relaxation

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Achieving a state of relaxation is essential for allowing your mind and body to recuperate from the physical effects of stress you face throughout the day. According to research, bathing in heated water (such as a hot tub treatment) can lower the level of cortisol in your system. Spending time resting in therapeutic baths can result in bodily improvements which lead to mental benefits such as decreased anxiety and improved relaxation.

Spending the day at the spa and getting a deep tissue massage will help you relieve the tension that has built up around your neck and shoulders. This release of tension helps the muscles relax, which allows the mind to rest.

A facial entails washing, exfoliating and moisturizing the face, as well as providing your facial tissue with a mild soothing massage that is likely to calm you. It also reduces headaches by relieving tension in the head and neck. A foot spa is another way to encourage relaxation that is both psychologically and physically beneficial.

Encourages Better Sleep

It is essential to obtain adequate sleep to feel your best psychologically. Regular spa treatment can help you achieve a better night’s sleep. A deep tissue massage relaxes your muscles while also releasing serotonin. For your body to start making melatonin (which helps you sleep) your body needs to have a lot of serotonin around. In addition to a massage, a hot stone treatment helps to ease pain and improve sleep.

Water treatment, such as a hot tub, is another option if you want to obtain a better night’s sleep. Soaking in hot water can both physically and emotionally calm you. As you get out of the water, your body’s internal core temperature lowers, signaling to your body that it is time to rest.

Improving circulation and lowering blood pressure aids in better sleep. Massage and hot tub treatments can each help you improve circulation. Spending a day at the spa will provide you with the mental health benefits of a good night’s sleep.

Aids in Overall Stress Reduction

Most spas choose to include the use of natural ingredients which boost the stress-relieving advantages of your treatment selection. Aromatherapy methods include eucalyptus and lavender in different lotions and scrubs for enhancing relaxation and decreasing tension.


Regular spa treatments lead to improved sleep quality, fewer sick days, and an overall feeling of well-being. A day spa will assist you in slowing down, unwinding and achieving equilibrium.

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