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What Is a Manicure?

A manicure is a kind of cosmetic therapy which involves specific tools, lotions, waxes, and massage methods to keep your nails and hands healthy and looking nice.

What Is a Manicure Good For?

A manicure improves the texture and health of your fingernails and skin on your hands, as well as making them seem polished and beautiful. In addition to making your hands and nails look and feel nice, a manicure has the added benefit of relaxing you; there are specific pressure points on your hands that connect to other sections of your body.


If you have a hand injury such as a wound, joint or muscle strain, rash, or broken skin, you should avoid getting a manicure until you recuperate (or inform your manicurist of your condition).

What To Expect From Your Manicure

A manicure is quite relaxing. It is actually quite relaxing to have someone touch your hands and nails, particularly if the manicurist employs reflexology or other hand-massage methods. You will most likely be working one-on-one with the manicurist, who will first explain what they do and ask if you have any questions or concerns.


When you get your nails done by an expert, they will use a cuticle remover and a pusher to soften and remove dead skin from your cuticle. A nail file will then be used to form the shape of your nails to match your natural nails, and a base coat will be put on. A topcoat in the colour of your choice will then be added to your nails. You may also have more decorative nail art done. Before you do this, make sure you want it; you might need someone else to do this job for you.


A good manicure can:


  • Make your nails look great by taking care of them
  • If your skin is broken or sore around the nail, take care of this
  • If your skin isn’t getting enough blood, you can use acupressure or hand massage techniques to get it moving again
  • Involve oils, creams, and waxes to scrub, clean, and improve the texture of your nails and the skin on your hands


You can have your nails done in as little as 15 minutes to about an hour, depending on what you want to have done. Generally, the more time you spend on your manicure, the more things you can expect.


Make sure you have enough time to get the full benefits of treatment, and that you don’t have to rush away. It’s hard to drive while the nail polish is still wet. When you buy nail polish at the store, it usually takes about 5 minutes to dry. When you get it done at a salon, it can take up to 12 hours for it to dry all the way. When you get a gel manicure, you don’t have to worry about smudges or chips because the polishes have polymers which harden under UV light.


After getting a manicure, don’t wear gloves or use your hands for any kind of dexterous work right away. After having delicate solutions put on your nails, the best thing to do is to stop working on a computer and do someone else’s hair, for example.

Types of Manicures

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Many different types of manicures can be performed at spas. These include different nails, different oils and creams, and electro-pulse or hot-stone massage as part of the treatment. Here are a few examples:

  • American – This natural-looking manicure shapes the nails to fit your finger.
  • French – This uses clear or ivory-coloured polish on the body of your nails and white on top of them. This is a classic manicure and the nail is square.
  • Gel manicure and shellac manicure – During the last few years, these types of manicures have become very popular. This is because the gel polish stays on your nails for about 2 weeks and doesn’t chip. Between coats of polish for gel nails, you need to put your nails under an ultraviolet (UV) light to set the polish.
  • Hot stone manicure – During this manicure, you will get a hand massage with hot stones to help you relax and soothe your hand.
  • Intensive paraffin wax – Warm wax is rubbed into your nails, hands and wrists to moisturize and soften them, as well as your face and neck.
  • Luxury – You get a whole-hand massage, paraffin wax to soften your nails and heated gloves or a wrap. The combination of heat and moisturizing unguents warms your hands and softens your nails, making your nails look softer.

Hot Tip!

Try to clean your nails and remove any old nail polish with good acetone or nail polish remover before painting them. This way, the nail technician won’t have to waste time doing it, and they can simply get on with the good stuff. You might want to take off your rings if there’s going to be a massage with hand cream.

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