Important Tips for Your Best Autumn Hair in Ottawa

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Autumn is a season for warm hues and comfortable attire. As we head into the winter months, platinum blonde hair may not be the most suitable hue. And when the leaves begin to change colour, it may be time to consider a hair colour change as well.

Come to JASK Salon & Day Spa if you seek a seasonal transformation. We can assist you with all of your hair colouring requirements, giving you the optimal seasonal style. If you’re uncertain about which colours work best for autumn, we will discuss the greatest options in this article. Continue reading to discover more about the ideal hair colours for autumn. Follow these methods to refresh (or entirely transform) your unique style!

The Darker the Better

Autumn is an ideal time to darken your hair. Whether you want to add deeper lowlights to your present hue or fully switch to a new daring style, the darker appearance is preferable during the colder months.

If you’re still committed to blonde hair, consider the ombré style, which is wildly popular and always a wonderful appearance. Adding a touch of autumn flair to your look can be as simple as transforming your blonde hair to a golden blonde hue.Important Tips for Your Best Autumn Hair in Ottawa

Consider caramel highlights if your hair is naturally dark and you often use highlights for added style. These will lighten your hair while keeping it black and lovely for autumn.

Grow It Out

If your hair is blonde and you want to keep it that way, you should let it grow out and not be too concerned with the roots. Dark roots are an excellent way to add a bit of darkness to your hair, and they have the ideal appearance for autumn. While you may believe it to be an unattractive style, it is now fashionable. It’s also possible to colour your hair while leaving the roots uncoloured, resulting in a uniform shade which does not need unpleasant touch-ups.

Add Some Colour

The fall is an excellent time to be daring with a distinctive and festive hue. You can dye your hair a deep red, copper, auburn or other fall-appropriate hues. These hues are not as striking as the fantasy hair seen in summer, but they are enjoyable and may dramatically transform your appearance.

Alternatively, you might tint your hair silver or white to get the ideal fall queen appearance. This hue may make you seem even paler, but it might be fun to create a uniquely you style! Fall and winter hair colours are often deeper and more vibrant, but this doesn’t mean you can’t flaunt whatever shade you like; all you need is the courage to do so!

Choose JASK Salon & Day Spa Hair Colouring Services

With our excellent hair colouring services in Ottawa, you can add volume to your hair, enhance its gloss, and tame frizz for a more youthful appearance. With these magnificent services, you can also complement your new personal style, match your skin tone or revitalize your appearance. 

Our hairstylists at JASK Salon & Day Spa can help you with enhancing your hair using distinctive hues that emanate fluidity and shine. Experience the pleasures of colouring by scheduling a free consultation with us.

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