How To Choose the Perfect Wedding Hairstyle

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After a great deal of planning and a lot of thought, your big day is just around the corner. There is still a lot to think about, when it comes to how you want to look on your wedding day. The venue and dress have already been chosen, but there’s still a lot to bear in mind. It doesn’t matter which colour lipstick you wear or what kind of shoes you have on. Every little detail is important and will be remembered for a long time. One of the most important and stressful decisions which brides have to make on their wedding day is what to do with their hair. There are so many options, but you can easily discover how to select your best wedding hairstyle.

Consider the Venue

When it comes to selecting a hairstyle for your wedding, the event’s location is often one of the most important considerations for the bride. Any bride who wishes to exchange her vows on the beach, for example, should choose a design that will stand up to the elements. A bride who is being married in a beautiful church, on the other hand, will feel that dressing in her regular manner is inappropriate for the setting. Consider the location and any possible obstacles you may encounter on the big day.

Match Your Dress

An additional consideration when selecting your wedding day hairdo is the kind of wedding dress you will be wearing. Your haircut should complement the dress, rather than overwhelming it as a whole. A dress with elaborate decorations on the back would look best when combined with a haircut that draws the hair back. One expert suggestion is to look at the images taken by the original designer, if you aren’t sure which style is appropriate for your specific outfit. Generally, hairstyles selected for models wearing gowns will be thoroughly styled, emphasizing the drawing of attention to the garment itself.

Factor in Hair Accessories

Numerous brides make the decision to acquire hair accessories before deciding on the exact hairdo they will wear onHow to Choose the Right Wedding Hairstyle their wedding day. If you have already selected a headpiece or veil, remember to take these into consideration when choosing how to style your hair. Some of these accessories appear better with an updo because of their natural shape, while others may be meant for use with your hair down. Simply look at comparable hairpieces and pay attention to how the models are styling their hair if you’re still confused. Consider the setting and the dress while selecting adaptable accessories to determine which style will look best. You can also seek professional help from a bridal hairstylist in the Ottawa region like JASK Salon & Day Spa.

Choose What You Love

Whatever wedding publications and stylists recommend, the most important thing is to select something you like. The importance of feeling comfortable and attractive on a day as significant as your wedding day cannot be overstated. In the event you do not feel comfortable with a specific appearance or style, try something else. If you’re looking for inspiration, the correct bridal hairstylist will assist you in finding the most appropriate style for your wedding day.

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6 Summer Hairstyles Inspired by Celebrities

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Summer is very different from any other season when it comes to keeping our hair looking perfect. Especially here in the Ottawa region, the weather always has a big say in what hairstyle we choose on any given day. People who have hair that gets frizzy at the slightest hint of humidity sometimes feel like they’re stuck with a simple ponytail. People who spend a lot of time in the sun sometimes cut their hair short to avoid excessive sweating. If we look at some of the most famous women in Hollywood, we can get ideas for hairstyles that can stand up to the heat and humidity that come with summer. Find out about these celebrity hairstyles for summer – and say goodbye to the simple ponytails and pixie cuts you’ve grown used to using.

The Long Lob

The long lob, which first became popular in the 1990s, has proven to be a popular summer haircut for some of the biggest celebrities in Hollywood including pop princess Katy Perry, who has the style. This collarbone grazing hairstyle is simple maintenance, but it looks faultless on virtually all face shapes (especially oval faces). The length also means it can still be worn up in a ponytail or down without generating excessive perspiration, which is another benefit.

Low Buns

For those who wish to keep their haircut the same for the summer, there are plenty of style options which celebrities are sporting. The low bun, which has become the distinctive look of fashion queen Meghan Markle, is very popular. Instead of forming the bun at the top of the head, as has been seen in previous years, this style forms a bun at the nape of the neck, with a few loose tendrils left to frame the face in the front. This appearance is easy to wear in transition from the workplace to an after-hours pool party, making it a popular pick for individuals who have both a hectic work and social schedule.

Beachy Waves

As they have been for many years, beachy waves are once again the most popular hairdo among Hollywood bombshells such as Blake Lively, who wear them in the summer. It’s possible to get this mermaid-inspired style with hair of any length; however, it is most stunning when done with long locks. It’s possible to achieve this look in many ways, including loose overnight braids using a curling iron, or simply spritzing wet hair with sea salt or texturizing spray.

Scrunchie Adorned Ponytail

Scrunchies have lately made their way back into popular fashion, and celebrities are flocking to them for the summer season. A high ponytail held in place with a velvet scrunchie is perhaps the simplest of all hairstyles. Miley Cyrus and other celebrities have shown that it involves no work, remains in place despite the heat, and looks great on everyone.

Space Buns

Some believe there’s no better way to combat the heat than with the space bun trend, which is both fashionable andSummer Hairstyles Inspired by the Famous2 practical. To get the bubbly effect, separate your hair straight down the center and form two loose buns (high and with one on each side). Several of Hollywood’s most prominent figures, including Kendall Jenner, have been seen wearing this style in summer. Because of its simplicity and adaptability, this is a go-to style for outdoor activities such as trekking or sitting poolside in the sun.

The Wet Look

Like Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian, several celebrities have embraced the wet style for the upcoming season. This is an excellent method of combating frizz and creating the appearance that you’ve just gotten out of the shower or swimming pool, regardless of the occasion. This simple style requires only a high-gloss pomade or gel; you can even let it air dry to give your strands a breather from the blow-dryer (and for a more natural appearance).

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5 Effective Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Hairstyle

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There are hundreds of ways to keep your hair looking fantastic, but not all of these methods actually benefit your hair’s health. Consider the following 5 haircare recommendations to keep a healthy appearance:

Use Dry Shampoo

Although you’ve likely heard that shampooing your hair every day is bad for your hair, many individuals continue to do so. Whatever the reason, whether it’s out of habit or due to an excess of oil, this is still one of the most common causes of dry and damaged hair. The act of shampooing your hair every day removes all of the natural oils from your strands (as well as from the skin on top of your head). The end result is hair that’s dull and brittle, as well as a dry, irritated scalp. 

Fortunately, you can still remove oils from your hair and freshen it on a regular basis without causing damage. An oil-absorbing dry shampoo removes unwanted oil from hair and eliminates undesirable smells without causing harm. There are a wide variety of options, whether it’s powder or spray, and there are many different hues, if you’re concerned about applying too much light powder to your dark hair.

Identify Your Hair Type

When it comes to hair types, there’s a tremendous amount of variation all over the world. It’s not as straightforward as simply labeling hair as curly, wavy or straight. It’s also important to understand your hair type, which includes knowing whether your hair is dry or oily, and if it’s frizzy or thick. This is critical for maintaining optimal hair health, since your products should be designed to work specifically with your hair type. For example, if you have frizzy, curly hair, your primary emphasis would be reducing frizz while still providing hydration. It would actually make your frizz worse if you used a product designed for greasy hair. Are you having trouble determining which category your hair belongs in? Investigate your options online or consult with us at JASK Salon & Day Spa for assistance.

Invest in Organic Products

When it comes to foods, you may spend a lot of time reading the ingredient labels – but have you ever looked at the labels of your hair care products? Using a product that’s appropriate for your hair type is critical, but using products which are free of dangerous chemicals is even more critical. In addition to being beneficial to the environment and your general health, this also helps limit the amount of damage done to your locks. While organic products provide the best overall results, be certain that any hair care product you buy doesn’t include any of the following ingredients: silicones, parabens, sulphates, mineral oils, formaldehyde or alcohol. As a result of the harshness of these chemicals, your hair can become dry, lifeless and prone to breakage.Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Hairstyle1

Consider a Shower Head Filter

Suppose you’re frequently dealing with dry, discoloured or tangled hair, even after switching products and keeping a healthy hair care regimen. In this case, you may have hard water in your house, which should be investigated. Hard water is simply water with large levels of minerals such as calcium and magnesium. There are various hair and skin problems which can result from this, but a shower head filter can immediately address these problems.

Eat a Well-Balanced Diet

Your body needs a variety of vitamins and minerals in order to maintain healthy skin, hair and nails. You can take a variety of actions to increase the health of your hair, but the most beneficial is to have a well-balanced diet. Incorporating items such as fish, almonds, and lots of veggies into your diet can make a significant impact.

Still having trouble keeping your hair in excellent condition? Consider getting a hair treatment at JASK Salon & Day Spa in Stittsville (Ottawa region). Now’s the time to make your appointment online or by calling us at (613) 599-5275 today.

4 Easy Tips for Increasing the Length and Strength of Your Hair

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Hair development is one of the most talked-about issues in the world of hair and beauty, and it’s no surprise why. Whether a person has worn their hair short for years, or is trying to grow it over their mid-length line, many people find it difficult to get the precise length they want. There are practical strategies you can include into your daily routine to increase the length and strength of your hair (even if genetics play a part in how long it will grow). Take a look at our top recommendations:

Minimize Damage

When it comes to growing your hair out to a given length, damage is the most significant obstacle. Damaged hair is more prone to breakage and split ends, which is a recipe for disaster to anyone embarking on a hair development quest. Many people with badly damaged hair fail to grow it over their shoulders in most circumstances, despite their best efforts. This has absolutely nothing to do with the quantity of hair that’s really growing and everything to do with the degree of damage that’s occurred. This is due to the fact that hair has a tendency to snap off at the ends, which can give the impression that the hair is not growing in any way. To avoid this from occurring, reevaluate your hair care routine and strive to limit damage wherever possible. Some of the most damaging habits are the use of hot styling products regularly, excessive washing and frequent dyeing.

Eat a Balanced Diet

While there is no specific secret diet that can give you long, glossy hair, individuals who live a healthy lifestyle and eat a balanced diet rich in nutrients tend to have hair that’s longer and stronger. This is because hair needs certain vitamins and minerals, such as biotin, zinc, iron and vitamin D, to maintain ideal health. Included in your daily diet for optimal hair health are foods such as almonds, seafood, avocados and eggs, as well as green vegetables such as spinach and sweet potatoes.

Use Safe Products

The many hair products available on the market are not all made equally. The most popular drugstore brands include potentially dangerous compounds such as formaldehyde, phthalates, parabens, alcohol and sodium chloride. These products claim to have deep cleaning powers, but they cause your hair and scalp to become dehydrated. These side effects can interact with the natural oils in the hair, causing damage and inhibiting the normal hair growth cycle in certain individuals. Make sure to completely study the ingredient labels and search for a product free of these compounds, as well as others such as sulfates before purchasing. Keep in mind that we here at JASK Salon & Day Spa will be happy to answer any questions you have.4 Tips for Increasing the Length and Strength of Your Hair


Get Regular Trims

We understand that the last thing you want to do while your hair is growing out is to cut it. This is a typical issue, but skipping cuts can actually make reaching your goal more difficult. Split ends form on the terminals of hair strands over time; these split ends gradually progress up the shaft of the hair. Unfortunately, this results in breaking and might cause you to lose more length than you would if you had a haircut. Every 8 weeks, you should visit your local hair salon to have split ends and damage removed. 


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Your Guide to First-Class Manicures From JASK

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A manicure is an affordable luxury that can significantly improve your look. Whether you’re new to the experience, or just looking for some inspiration for your next visit, here’s everything you need to know:

Types of Manicures

Although your manicure may be completely customized to match your taste, the following are the most popular options:


A simple manicure begins by softening your cuticles with a lotion (or oil) and bathing your hands for around 5 minutes in warm water. Your manicurist will consult with you to determine the form, length and colour of your nails. She will then trim and file them into the appropriate shape, be it square, round, in between or pointy (also called stiletto). She will then massage your hands and de-cuticle them. Healthy cuticles will improve the final appearance. Finally, she will apply a base coat to your nails, one or two coats of the coloured polish of your choice, and a clear topcoat. The manicurist will often then lead you to the nail dryer to dry the lacquer.

French and American

A French manicure is a timeless, elegant appearance which works for almost every occasion. The nail is painted in a transparent, light pink, or neutral hue with a white tip. American manicures are comparable to French manicures, except the tips are rounded and painted a neutral or off-white hue for a more inconspicuous appearance.Everything You Need to Know About Manicure

Nail Art

Some people opt to enhance their manicures with airbrushing, stickers, three-dimensional decorations such as small bows or flowers, or rhinestones and diamonds. These decorations can be applied to one or all of your fingers. This design has exploded in popularity in recent years, and the possibilities for creating your own style are limitless.

Gel Polish

Gel polish mixes monomer liquid and polymer powder to form a hard resin when cured under UV light. It’s more durable and less prone to chipping than normal polish. Gel paint can stretch beyond the length of your natural nail, providing you the length you need without the expenditure of synthetic nails. Remove the gel polish and immerse your fingers in acetone until the polish dissolves.


A manicurist’s instruments are critical. She will typically require a cuticle softening lotion, a stick to push the cuticle back, and a knife or scissors for the cuticles. She will also carry nail cutters, a file, cotton balls, towels, polish remover, and the previously mentioned lotions and polishes. Be sure your artist is licensed and that she sanitizes her instruments properly.

Choose JASK Salon & Day Spa

Among the numerous benefits of our treatments are improving nail health and development, creating smooth and delicate skin, and reducing the likelihood of fungal growth and infection. Because you’re always walking, standing, typing and lifting, your feet and hands are the locations of the greatest stress on your body. This causes unwanted strain on your muscles and the accumulation of dirt and germs on your nails. Polishing your hands and feet with a manicure or a pedicure cleans your hands and feet while raising your energy levels, alleviating discomfort, and restoring the luster to attractive feet, hands and nails.

Don’t put it off. Visit JASK Salon & Day Spa online for more information on our first-class manicures, or call us in Stittsville at (613) 599-5275 today.

Wedding Hairstyles for Different Hair Types and Textures

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Choosing the ideal hairdo for your wedding day can be difficult. You may feel overwhelmed and bewildered after hours of searching for inspiration on social media. Is it better to wear your hair up or down? Will your look last all day and night? Is this even a good look for you? Knowing which bridal hairstyle is appropriate for your hair type can help you choose the ideal style for your wedding day.

Learn What Works for You

It’s crucial to be honest about what your hair can achieve while evaluating alternative styles. An excellent pair of extensions, for example, can change short, fine hair and allow you to wear a gorgeous full bun. Alternatively, your effervescent flyaway fluff can be transformed into completely controlled tresses with the correct equipment and techniques. This is something you should discuss with your bridal stylist since you could be very pleasantly surprised.

Once you’ve narrowed down your options, hunt for inspiration, particularly in these styles. It’s a good idea to start with many photos to draw from, but don’t overdo it since this can lead to information overload (and make it difficult to choose).

Keep in mind that photographs can be deceptive. The model you’re looking at may be lit professionally, with a wind machine producing the ideal image of free-flowing locks (which could be a wig anyway). At your bridal hair trial, your hair will not appear like that. To obtain an accurate picture, look for photographs of actual brides with hairstyles you like. This will make it easier to determine what will work best for you.

Medium Length and Long Hair

When it comes to wedding hairstyles, long hair is adaptable. At present, the most popular hairstyles are waves and braids. This laid-back, Bohemian attitude is an easy-to-wear alternative which you can customize and feel comfortable wearing all day.

You may go for a romantic half-up style, loose waves, or a side-swept appearance. Also, don’t believe your hair must be overly long to pull off these designs. Medium-length hair with lengthy layers is often the best hair type for creating movement and volume in your design.

Fine Hair

Fine hair is capable of much more than you may believe. There are treatments for making your hair look thicker and fuller, as well as padding and extensions to offer the volume you want. Your hair may still seem natural and unstyled, though it depends on what you want. A loosely waved, light and breezy updo is a good option, if you want something that requires less work. Accessories are often used in these designs to bring attention to your overall appearanc

Curls and Texture

Curls and texture provide the most stunning bridal appearances when properly cared for. Whether you have wavy hair, tightly curled hair, an afro or twisted hair, highlight your style and don’t be afraid to stand out. By utilizing the right products and styling equipment, you can always improve your hair’s volume and natural texture.

Unique and Stylish Bridal Hair To Define You

Feel and look wonderful on the most romantic and enthralling day of your life by arranging your hair as you choose. At JASK Salon & Day Spa, we provide amazing wedding hair treatments which are entirely tailored to your particular preferences and acquired tastes. Our stylists will work with you one-on-one to capture your beauty and reveal your magic, allowing you to shine in glory. Whether you’re the bride-to-be, maid of honour or a bridesmaid, we can help you achieve really beautiful wedding hair in Ottawa.

Unique and Stylish Bridal Hair To Define You

Complement Your Bridal Hair With Our Services

Sometimes you need a little extra time before your wedding. We at JASK will assist in making your day as peaceful and serene as possible, whether for the bridal party, the night before, or on the day. How do we go about this? Facials, manicures and pedicures, waxing and sugaring, are just a few of the fantastic cosmetic treatments available. We also have licensed massage therapists eager to pamper you and relieve any anxiety or tension. You can also combine this with one of our fantastic spa packages. These include nail-rejuvenating manicures and pedicures, combined with waxing or facials and massages. With our comprehensive services, you can have the ideal lead-up to your wedding.

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Top 7 Tips for Strengthening Your Nails

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Are you curious about how you can strengthen your nails? Continue reading.

Each of us wants attractive, thick and strong nails. They indicate excellent health and help characterize our hands in various ways. The most common issue is that they’re not as powerful as we want them to be. Fortunately, some methods can assist in quickly strengthening them.

The following are our top 7 tips for strengthening your nails:

Minimize Water Exposure

Excessive water exposure weakens and brittles your nails. You should implement procedures which minimize the length of time water comes into touch with your nails while washing and bathing. You may want to use gloves in this instance.

Take Biotin Supplements

Biotin, sometimes called vitamin B-7 or vitamin H, is a B vitamin. Due to its solubility in water, it is not kept by the body, which suggests that it must be consumed every day. Beans, fried eggs and sardines all contain it. Alternatively, a supplement or B vitamin complex may be taken. It can help strengthen your nails and hair (and keep your nervous system in good working order).

Drink Plenty of Water

Maintain proper hydration by consuming an adequate amount of water regularly. It’s critical for one’s health and helps maintain the health of one’s nails. Inadequate bodily moisture leads to brittle nails that readily peel and break. Consuming sufficient water helps keep your nails hydrated and strong.

Maintain a Healthy Diet

Maintaining a balanced diet is critical for nail strength. A diet rich in minerals and multivitamins is beneficial to your overall health. Antioxidants in foods such as blueberries help protect the body’s cells from harm. Leafy greens include iron (necessary for nail strength), while almonds are high in magnesium, which helps to smooth out your nails’ vertical ridges. Calcium in dairy products also aids in their development. Additionally, essential nutrients for optimal nail health include coconut oil, vitamin D and fish oil.

Always Keep Your Nails Short

Regardless of how much you like long nails, shortening them is vital to strengthen them. This is because longer nails have a greater chance of breaking, chipping, cracking and splitting. This weakens their ability to remain strong. Shorter nails are easier to keep in good condition.

Give Your Nails a Break

Even though polish enhances the appearance of our nails, we sometimes need to remove it to enable our nails to breathe. Constant use of polishes (even harmless ones) can erode the strength of your nails. After a few days, remove it using an acetone-free polish remover and let them be polish-free for a few days. This is critical for your nails’ strength and general health too.

The Top 7 Tips for Strengthening Your Nails

Choose Your Nail Products Carefully

The strong chemicals in many nail polish removers, acrylics, and nail polishes cause nail thinning, dryness and brittleness. Rather than using acetone-based polish removers, seek non-toxic nail soaks and polishes. Also avoid acrylic nail glue and gel polishes.

Nobody enjoys having brittle or weak nails. Maintain strong nails by thoroughly implementing the advice above.

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Often Overlooked Benefits of Manicures and Pedicures

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Manicures and pedicures are excellent methods to maintain healthy nails and help your nails grow. On occasion, both men and women should have these treatments from a professional salon. We need to take care of our hands since we use them all day at work and home. We put a lot of strain on our feet, so it’s important to de-stress and treat them well by going to a pedicure salon once a month.

Those who work in an office should keep their nails clean and fresh. When working in an office, we encounter many people and often convey our thoughts by hand gestures, shaking hands, etc.; therefore, having nice nails is crucial. When we meet new people, our nails won’t scare them off. Having nice nails and toenails eliminates dead skin cells from our hands and feet. First impressions last, so create the best possible with professionally done nails.

A pedicure is the greatest technique to relieve foot discomfort. A pedicure, similar to a manicure, helps us relax our feet. It’s the organ we have which is most stressed by walking, standing, etc. A nail technician’s pedicure is the ideal approach to calm your feet. It also removes tan, moisturizes feet and strengthens nails. The nail technician also provides you with a stress-free massage that’s soothing for individuals who wear heels. 

Those who believe manicures and pedicures are exclusively for special events, or simply to treat themselves, may be surprised to learn they have many additional advantages than simply looking good. Regular manicures and pedicures at JASK can enhance your general health and wellness, particularly in the winter when your skin is dry and needs additional love and nutrition. Regular manicurist appointments improve your nail health and keep your hands youthful since the skin on your hands shows your age.

Professional manicures and pedicures are beneficial because they:

Increase Blood Circulation

In addition to exfoliating, hydrating and treating cuticles, a manicure or pedicure includes a pleasant massage for your hands and feet. It not only relaxes muscles but also increases blood circulation and joint mobility. This can help relieve pain and keep your body warm in the winter.

Enhance the Well-Being of Your Nails

A regular mani-pedi reduces the risk of nail infection and fungi. Our hands are constantly exposed to external factors and goods. It’s a good idea to clean your hands to eliminate dead skin cells thoroughly; thus, your nails become more grounded and useful. Our nail salon professional will assist you in choosing the ideal mani-pedi for your skin type and condition.

Help You De-Stress

The best method to relax and rejuvenate your nerves is hand and foot massages. They are a great way to relax while improving your hands and feet. Stress can cause cuticle biting, leaving them dry, cracked and sometimes bleeding. A manicure and pedicure are the perfect alternatives to a massage when stressed. Plus, they will give you gorgeous nails which will make you smile. For the finest results, call JASK.

Keep Hands and Feet Smooth and Delicate

Winter manicures and pedicures are recommended to improve your skin and nails. It will keep them smooth and supple even in the harsh winter weather. Winters may be difficult for those with sensitive or dry skin, and you may develop dry skin with unpleasant scars or sores if you ignore them. So, don’t wait for the season to end; book a manicure salon appointment today and pamper your hands and feet.

Promote Healthy Skin

Your hands are the most exposed body part to everyday grime and weather except for your face. This means they quickly gather dirt and dead skin. Walking or standing on your feet may cause calluses and other skin issues.

A professional manicure includes thorough cleaning and using exfoliating lotion. The technique removes dirt and dead skin cells, leaving your hands smooth and decreasing wrinkles. A professional pedicure will remove skin and calluses from the soles of your feet. Making your feet more attractive helps distribute your weight more evenly, reducing leg and back pain from prolonged standing.Benefits of Manicures and Pedicures That You Shouldn't Ignore

Prevent Contagious Infections

When your feet are wet, fungi can grow on your toenails. It usually takes a month for the contamination to show up. A skilled manicurist can detect a parasite infection early on when it’s most treatable. Regular pedicures are a great way to keep your toes healthy.

Enhance Mental Well-Being

A mani-pedi is a great way to relax and get pampered. After your mani-pedi, you can have your nails polished, have gel nail patterns, spa nails or UV gel nails. You can select the treatment you want and save money while having your hands and feet treated by our specialist.

Getting a nail treatment has incredible physical and mental health advantages. Your feet and hands will look and feel great, and your blood circulation will improve. The whole procedure is efficient, so call JASK now to make an appointment.

Visit for more information on our excellent manicures and pedicures, or call us in the Ottawa region at (613) 599-5275 today.

Balayage and Highlights: What Are the Differences?

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In this blog, we’ll go through the distinctions between balayage and highlights, as well as the benefits of each procedure. 

What Is Balayage?

You’ve certainly encountered the term “balayage” on the internet a lot in the last few months, but what does this mean? Balayage is a hair colour process that involves the colourist applying the colour to a client’s hair in a sweeping motion. Balayage literally means “to sweep” when translated from French. Balayage is a method that has been used since the early 1970s.

The balayage method gained popularity by offering customers beautiful lightened ends which mix well with their natural hair. Although this style seems simple, it requires a well-trained stylist with a keen eye to pull it off. When using the balayage process, a stylist must be able to study your hair’s natural structure and movement and then “randomly” apply the colour to make it seem as natural as possible.

What Are Highlights?

Highlights, believe it or not, have been around forever. The earliest highlighting method is said to have been devised by the inhabitants of Ancient Greece about 4 B.C. The original “bleach” was a concoction of gold flakes, olive oil and local pollen. After applying this combination to someone’s hair, they would sunbathe for hours. This practice, however, is inefficient and time-consuming. Despite this, people have been using the gold flake technique for ages. Modern highlights that we know and love today were created in the early 20th century.

Foiling highlights were initially used in the 1980s to get a far more natural effect than highlighting caps. Using foils allows hairstylists to create more distinctive styles for each customer. A foiling allows the stylist to gently add highlights (a highlighting cap is more limiting).

Highlights are often recognized as an excellent method to add depth and movement to your hair. Highlights are a terrific way to spice things up if your hair is naturally a solid hue. If you’re naturally blonde and want to try something new, you can have what’s known as “low lights”. These are what they sound like; they’re the same procedure as highlighting, except instead of bleach, you’d use a darker hue. Low lights are an excellent approach to gradually moving to darker hair, or introducing a little amount of change at a time.

What Are the Differences?

The biggest advantage of obtaining a balayage is that it takes little to no maintenance. Balayage, unlike highlights, will not leave a line of demarcation in your hair as it grows out. As a result, you can go as long as you like between sessions. You may want to plan a toner service for around 6 weeks following your balayage, but it’s simple and inexpensive.

If you’re not aware of what a toner is, it’s essentially a colour gloss that prevents your hair colour from being too brassy or ashy without using cream colour. As a result, toners are less expensive to produce, and you can keep your blonde hair looking wonderful indefinitely.

Highlights require a lot of maintenance. If you don’t get them done regularly, it’ll be noticeable when you need a touch-up. After your first highlight appointment, your stylist will likely suggest that you come back every 6 weeks or so to get them redone.

What Are the Similarities?

Balayage and highlights are both lightening procedures, and although they utilize somewhat different methods to achieve significantly different results, both can give you that sun-kissed appearance. In truth, the only real difference between these two services is the methodology they use; everything else is identical. That being said, you should take additional care of your hair before and after both procedures.

What Are the Similarities of balayage and Highlights


Both balayage and highlights require the application of a large amount of bleach. You may not be aware, but bleach wreaks havoc on your hair like nobody’s business. If you use bleach on your hair too often, it will become dry, brittle and prone to breaking. Consider using a deep conditioner instead of harsh washes to prevent having straw-like hair.

We suggest switching to a colour-safe, sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to ensure your colour persists long after a highlight or balayage. If you want to keep your highlights or balayage blonde, using a purple shampoo at home helps you tone your hair and keep the brassiness at bay. We also suggest using a leave-in conditioner and spacing out your colour treatments to allow your hair to heal.


It might be tough to choose between balayage and highlights, particularly when they are similar. Making your decision boils down to how often you’re willing to attend the salon for treatment. If your money and schedule enable you to visit the salon every 6-8 weeks, go ahead and get those highlights. If you’d rather go through one larger operation and then not have to deal with it again, a balayage is for you. Consider your lifestyle and choose which option is best for you.

For the best balayage and highlight services in the Ottawa region, visit JASK Salon & Day Spa online or call us at (613) 599-5275 today.

10 Reasons You Need Manicures and Pedicures

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Manicures and pedicures are often thought of as a way to pamper yourself, but they are more than that. These forms of treatment aren’t just good for your hands and feet – they are also a way to look good, and have long-term benefits for your health.

Having manicures and pedicures is a good idea and this blog will show you how.

Why Do You Need a Manicure?

There is an image that neither a homemaker nor a businesswoman can go without having a clean manicure. The best way to take care of your hands and nails is to leave them to nail service professionals. 

  • Manicure is mostly a clean-up procedure. The growth of pathogenic bacteria is prevented when you clean your nails; if they get into your stomach, they can cause many problems.
  • Clean nails and soft skin are always regarded as a sign of aristocratic influence. It’s not likely that someone with a high social status would be willing to show up in public with messy nails. So don’t forget about your nails if you want to make a good impression.
  • Some jobs require that you have a manicure. People who work for some companies have to keep their nails clean (not just their clothes). Many people who work in the office do this, such as managers and accountants. People who work in the service industry must also have a manicure: waiters, bartenders, masseuses and managers.
  • When you get a manicure, you show who you are and can get people to notice. Bright nails, for example, can show that a person is very creative. Pastel nails show that you’re in a good mood. If your job is on stage or in the arts, then a bright manicure with rhinestones or drawings will help you get attention.
  • A manicure helps to finish and complement your look well, so it is important to get one. To make you look even more beautiful and confident, you should get nails which match your dress or shoes.

Why Do You Need a Pedicure?

Pedicures should not be overlooked. It is important to keep your toenails in excellent shape in both the summer and the winter.

  • A pedicure is done not only to look good, but also to keep your feet in good shape. People who have cracks in their skin can get hurt or sick. Among other things, heat can make the skin on your heels rougher. Leaving the skin dry and hard can cause it to crack.
  • In the winter, your feet might get hot because your shoes are too warm. Hygiene procedures help prevent fungal infections and get rid of bad smells, so they are important.
  • Like a manicure, a pedicure can be good for a fresh summer look. Sandals which show the bright colours of your nails will not only be a hit with you, but also with everyone else who sees them.
  • You should not cut your toenails because this can cause the nail to grow into your skin. Only people who work with feet can help if this happens. A pedicure is a good way to avoid having an ingrown toenail.
  • Getting your nails done at JASK is another good reason to come here. You can pamper yourself, relax, and take a break from your day-to-day concerns.

Why Choose JASK Salon & Day Spa for Your Nail Treatment?

You can get many other things done at our salon to make your nails look and stay healthy, like getting them trimmed. All in all, cleaning, moisturizing, massage and polishing can all be done. As a bonus, it’s much easier to create a unique and original design in our salon, in consideration of your tastes. Simply tell our experts what you want to happen.

JASK Salon & Day Spa for Your Nail Treatment

A good manicure and pedicure are not just about having a clean finish. It also means a starting point for taking good care of your nails, hands and feet. To keep your nails strong and beautiful, you need to do all these steps. You can get clean nails in the colour and design you want from our salon.

For your best choice of manicures and pedicures in the Ottawa National Capital Region, visit JASK Salon & Day Spa online or call us in Stittsville at (613) 599-5275 today.